All couples in one large circle facing the center.
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Circle left. Lead gent releases corner and leads inside the circle, spiraling into the center cw. When the spiral of dancers is fairly snug, lead gent makes a sharp turn left (ccw) and pulls everyone along between the lines, unwinding the spiral ccw. When he clears the end of the line, lead gent turns cw and leads all into circle left. [Grapevine Twist; Hipps] [Ball of Yarn; Bonner] [Twist the Grapevine; Hendrix]
Circle left.
Twist the grapevine, twist it tight,
We won't be home 'til 'way in the night.
~ Hipps
Hands remain joined in a circle throughout figure. Lead couple, pulling along everyone else, crosses the circle and ducks under an arch formed by an opposite couple. As they duck through, just the leads drop partner's hand. Lead gent goes left (ccw) and lady goes right (cw), pulling all through the arch and around the outside to reform the circle. The arching couple turn toward each other, rotating under their joined hands to rejoin the circle. [Rip and Snort; Bonner]
Leads down the center for a cowboy loop
When you get back home we'll fix a little soup.
You split that ring like a great big saw
Lady go gee, gent go haw.
Now join your hands and make a big ring
Everybody dance, everybody swing.
This is a clogging team figure. In a circle, allemande left corners once around and rejoin in a circle, gents facing in and ladies facing out, partner in right hand. Balance forward and back. Release lefts and allemande right partner halfway around. Rejoin circle, gents facing out and ladies in, and balance forward and back. Release left hands and allemande right halfway around, etc. Repeat until gents are once again at left side of original partner. [Carolina Star; Bonner]
Allemande left with your corner
But not too far
Now join your hands for that Carolina Star.
     and, eventually...
Everybody swing.
  1. From a promenade. With inside hands joined, gent kneels on left knee and passes lady ccw around him. Their joined hands pass over the gent's head. Gent rises and swings the lady behind him and resumes promenade with her. Lead lady turns out to her right to promenade single file cw around the circle, each lady in turn rolling out to follow. When original partners meet again they swing and resume promenade. [All Gents Kneel and Do-Si Your lady; Hendrix]
    All gents kneel and do-si your lady
    Now step back and swing the next baby
    Ladies turn back
    Swing your partner when you meet her
    And promenade on

  2. With right hands joined and raised overhead (lady lightly takes hold of gent's index finger,) gent kneels on right knee and passes lady cw around him. Their joined hands pass over the gent's head. She then continues around him until she can move on to the next gent cw around the circle. She takes this gent's left index finger with her left hand. Now the lady passes ccw around the gent, and continues around him again until she can move on the next gent cw around the circle. She takes this gent's right index finger, etc., continuing thus until she returns to her partner and swings. [Sweep the Floor; Bonner]
  1. Danced at transition into small circles or out of big circle figures and in between big circle figures. All circle left and right. Swing corners, then partners. [Change Figure p. 30; Rohrbough]
    Back in that grand old circle.
    All join hands and circle left.
    Half way back,
    Take your head out o' that sugar sack.
    Swing your corner lady, now your own little baby

  2. In a circle, swing corners, then partners and promenade. [Break and Swing the Lady on Your Left, p. 14; Rohrbough.]
    Break and swing the lady on your left,
    And now your own.
    ~ Recorded by Margaret L. Engle, Lees-McRae College, Banner Elk, N.C.

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