All couples in one large circle facing the center.
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HELVETIA FIGURES (These figures are all danced in the big circle formation with no little circle figures. See "Intros, Breaks and Endings" in this 4-couple square section for the Helvetia intro and break.)
  1. While the dancers promenade, the caller steps into center of circle and the dancers form a stationary circle around him, clapping their hands. The caller selects a couple. That couple steps inside and performs the Glenville Butterfly Twirl (see index for squares). Then that couple and the caller rejoin the circle and dance the break. Caller can select several couples to dance the figure at the same time. [Helvetia Fig. 1; Dalsemer]
    Brand new boy and a brand new girl, out in the center with a butterfly whirl - - - right back home - - -

  2. "Swing Old Adam and Swing Old Eve" on grand scale. Again, the caller steps to the center as above. He selects a gent and sends him over to another selected gent on the other side of the circle. Inside the circle the first gent turns second gent with a right elbow swing. Then first gent swings second lady in ballroom position. The two gents elbow swing again and all return to places to dance the break. [Helvetia Fig. 2; Dalsemer]
    Swing old Adam - - - swing old Eve - - - swing old Adam before you leave - - - right back home - - -

  3. Related to Fruit Basket. From a promenade all face the center. While gents clap, ladies advance and retire. Now gents do the same while ladies clap. All move slowly into the center and gents put arms around women's waists while ladies rest hands on the adjacent gents' shoulders. Continuing toward center, gents lift ladies up and set them down while all shout. All back up to places and dance the break. [Helvetia Fig. 3; Dalsemer]
    Ladies to the center of the ring and dance a jig - - - gents to the center - - -

  4. Ladies stand inside the circle with backs toward the center. Gents promenade single file around the circle, pass partner and swing with the next woman. Dance is repeated until dancers eventually return to partners. Sometime gents are directed to stand in the center while ladies promnade single. [Helvetia Fig. 4; Dalsemer]
    Ladies to the center back to back, gents dance around the railroad track - - -
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