Two-couple figures danced in a circle of four people.
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BASKET [Unless noted otherwise, a walking step is used in the baskets. All the baskets are formed while the circle keeps moving non-stop.]
  1. Gents join both hands, left in right. Ladies join both hands under the gents' and all move cw (sometimes called "Turn like thunder.") Gents raise joined hands up over ladies and down behind. Ladies then raise joined hands over gents and down behind to for the "basket". The basket continues to circle left. All drop hands and swing corner, then partner. [Eight Hands 'Cross; Napier] [Four Hands Across; Smith] [Basket; Bannerman] [Eight Hands Over; Gilpin & Stephens] [Eight Hands Across; Bonner] [Ladies Bow, Gents Know How; Levin] [Four Hands Across, p. 45; Rohrbough] [New Creek Fig. 9; Dalsemer]
    Circle left
    Four hands across
    Ladies bow
    Gents know how
    Corner swing
    And now you own
    And on to the next
    ~ Smith

  2. Similar to 1 above but without the preliminary "turn like thunder" movement. Also, the basket circles right awhile following the circle left [Eight Hands Across; Hendrix p. 12]
  3. Same as 1 above but buzz step is called for in basket. [Four Hands Across - Eight hands Over; Hipps & Chappell]
    Circle four around the floor.
    Four hands across, eight hands over,
    Ladies bow,
    Gents know how,
    Raise from under and swing like thunder.
    Now swing your own and move along.

  4. Gents join both hands, left in right. Ladies join both hands under the gents' and all move cw. Gents raise joined hands over ladies and down behind to waist level. Turn the basket cw. Ladies raise joined hands over gents, and rest them on the gents' shoulders. (Not clear if ladies' hands are still joined at this point.) Gents lift joined hands to level of ladies' necks. Turn the basket cw. [The California Show Basket; Sharp]
  5. No preliminary circle. Ladies place hands on nearest shoulders of gents while gents place their arms around the waists of the women. Circle left and right. [New Creek Fig. 10, Dalsemer]
    Eight hands up and "boxy dice", first to the left and then to the right - - - swing your opposite - - - now your partner - - - circle four - - - on to the next. ~ John Welch

  6. Ladies join hands, raise them up over the gents and down behind at waist level. Gents reach behind the ladies to join hands with each other. Circle left. [Dunmore Fig. 7, Dalsemer]
    - - - let's go back that same old track - - - eight hands over - - - ladies bow, gents go under, hug 'em up tight and swing like thunder - - - opposite lady give a little hug - - - now your own that little brown jug, get your own and on you go, on to the next and couple up four - - - ~ Buck Carpenter

  7. Same as 1 above but preceded by: Circle left, circle right, right hand star, left hand star. [Right Hands Across and Basket; Bannerman 2]
    Circle to the left, circle to the right,
    Right hands across, and howdy do,
    Back with the left and how are you?
    Eight hands across,
    Ladies bow, gents know how,
    Circle left,
    Break and swing your opposite,
    Now swing your own.
  1. Odd gent and even couple circle three around odd lady. Odd lady turns ccw in center while circle turns cw. Odd lady rejoins circle and odd gent then steps in. He turns ccw while circle of three turns cw. Odd gent rejoins circle, all swing corners and then swing partners. [Cage the Bird; Napier] [Cage the Bird; Bonner] [Birdie in the Cage; Smith] [Birdie in the Cage; Bannerman] [Birdie in the Cage; Hipps & Chappell] [Birdie in the Cage, p. 44; Rohrbough] [Birdie in the Cage; Matthews] [Dunmore Fig. 3; Dalsemer] [Bird in the Cage; Hendrix]
    Circle left
    Cage that pretty litle bird
    Birdie fly out
    Hoot owl in
    Hoot owl out
    And gone again
    Corner swing
    Now your own
    And on to the next
    ~ Smith
    Bird in the cage
    Bird out and crow in
    Crow hops out and hops on a limb
    Swing you corner lady
    Now your honey baby
    ~ Hendrix

  2. Same as 1 above, but odd gent does not rejoin circle after his stint. Instead, all swing corners and then partners. [New Creek Fig. 5; Dalsemer] [Bird in the Cage; Gilpin & Stephens]
    Bird in the cage and six hands round - - - bird hop out and the crow hop in - - - swing your opposite - - - swing your partner - - - circle four - - - on to the next. ~ John Welch; Dalsemer
Odd gent circles three with even couple while odd lady walks ccw around them. Circle can turn any number of times. At call "swing your opposite," circle keeps turning until even gent approaches odd lady. All swing corners, then partners. [New Creek Fig. 7; Dalsemer]
Six hands round, lady walk the circle - - - swing your opposite - - - swing your partner - - - circle four - - - on to the next.
~ John Welch
From a circle. All drop hands and the ladies cross through the circle passing left shoulders to trade places. The ladies turn half around and rejoin the circle. Then the gents do the same, trading places. Swing corners and then partners. (Though Hendrix does not say so, I am assuming a circle left follows each time the circle is rejoined.) [Two Ladies Change; Hendrix]
Two ladies change
Gents do the same
Swing your corner lady, etc.

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