Figures unique to, or traditionally associated with, squares.
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little circles
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  1. Lady one, her partner following, travel ccw around the outside of the square and back to place. Everyone swing partners. Repeat all the above, this time gent one in the lead travelling cw and his partner following. [Around the World; Napier]
    Chase the rabbit, chase the squirrel
    Chase that pretty girl around the world
    Everybody swing
    Chase the rabbit, chase the fox
    Chase that hobo out of his socks
    Everybody sing

  2. Same as 1 above except active couple steps into the center of the set before beginning the figure. [Chase the Rabbit; Bonner]
    Chase the rabbit, chase the squirrel
    Chase that pretty girl around the world.
    Everybody dance, everybody swing
    Everybody doing that same old thing.
    Now the possum then the coon
    Chase that man all around the room.
Couple one leads out to couple two, gent one and couple two circle left around lady one. Gent one releases corner to allow couple three to join in the circle left around lady one. Again gent one releases corner to take in couple four. All the while, lady one is dancing or turning cw in the center. Now lady one trades places with her partner and the circle continues around gent one. Gent then hops out and joins in circle left next to partner. [Cage the Bird (II); Napier] [Birdie in the Cage; Smith] [Bird in the Cage p. 25; Rohrbough] [Bird in the Cage; Sharp] [Cage the Bird; Bonner]
Bird in the cage and three hands round,
Bird in the cage five hands round,
Bird in the cage seven hands round,
Bird hops out and crow hops in.
Everybody swing,
Balance eight.
~ Sharp; as called at Harlan Co., KY, in 1917
  1. Couple one step in to the center and allemande left once-and-a-half. Lady one stays put while gent one circles halfway around with couple two. Couple two makes an arch and propels gent one under it and into the center. Couple one allemande left in the center. Gent one moves on to circle half with couple three while lady one now joins couple two and circles half. Those couples then "shoot" both of the ones through the arches. Ones meet in the center and allemande left, then move on to circle half with the next couple, gent one with couple four and lady one with couple three. When ones meet in the center they allemande left once around, then circle left with couple four. Those two couples finish by dancing any Do-Si-Do version found in the little circle section. [Shoot the Owl; Napier] [Shoot the Owl p. 23; Rohrbough] [Shoot the Owl; Sharp] [Shoot the Owl p. 187; Bonner]
    Shoot the owl. ~ Napier: "...This figure does not require a call. The movements are so fast that the caller would not have time to describe the figure while it is being danced." Which I have found to be true. However, here's a call from Bonner:
    First couple to the center of the ring
    Turn around with a left hand swing
    Leave that lady where she be
    Gent to the right and circle up three
    Now shoot back home and swing your own
    Gent go to three, lady with two
    Circle to the left like you used to do
    Shoot right and swing once more
    Now the lady to three and the gent to four
    Two circles of three in the middle of the floor
    Shoot back in and swing again
    Number two and three, number one and four
    Circle to the left and around you go
    Now break it up wih a do si do.

  2. Same as 1 above without the initial allemande left. As soon as the next couple is available (when lady one moves on to couple four,) the second couple begins the figure with couple three. The figure is repeated until all couples have joined in. When the last couple gets home, all dance the little promenade (see squares index). [Shoot the Owl; Levin]
    First couple shoot the owl, gent lead off,
         swing three once around.
    Shoot the owl.
    Shoot partner on the left.
    Partner follows.
    Shoot home.
    Next gentleman out to the right.
    Swing home, corners too
    (the little promenade).

  3. Similar to 1 above except allemandes are all right-handed. Couple one allemande right once around; lady one leads, moving out to circle half with couple two. Couple two shoots lady one through the arch and couple one allemande right in the center, etc. Figure is repeated until active gent reaches home. Partners then swing and promenade. [Shoot the Owl; Smith]
    First couple out, and right hand swing
    Circle three, and Shoot the Owl
    Partners swing and promenade
    (When the active couple returns to home.)
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