Figures unique to, or traditionally associated with, squares.
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little circles
big circles

  1. The basic pattern: Couple one allemande right partner halfway around, then switch hands and allemande left all the way around. Progress to couple two and gent one repeat the allemande pattern with lady two while lady one does the same with gent two. Couple one meets in the center and repeats the pattern. Move on to couple three and repeat the whole thing. With couple four the allemande pattern is repeated but couple one, rather than finishing with their own hand turns, circles left with couple four and dances Do-Si-Do #7 (see little circle figures) with them. [Box the Gnat; Sharp]

  2. Nearly the same as above, but allemande left is instead with both hands joined and crossed, rights above lefts. With couple four dance just Do-Si-Do #6 (see little circle figures) without the allemandes. Meanwhile, as soon as couple three is clear to dance, couple two joins them to begin the figure. Each couple joins in turn until all have danced the figure. [Box The Gnats or Swing and Swiver; Levin]
    First gent swing partner half around.
    Opposite direction all the way around.
    Swing second couple.
    Opposite direction all the way around.
    Don't forget your partner.
    On to the next.
    Next couple out to the right.
         When last couple has reached home:
    Swing home, corners too. (The little promenade.)
Four ladies step into the center, rotating ccw to face partner, then step back to place, rotating ccw. Four gents star by the right using the box star hold. Reverse with a left hand star, pass by partner and the next lady steps in to become new partner. Keep star intact, walking with nearest arms around partners' waists. Keeping waist hold, gents release star and couples wheel around ccw halfway. The ladies now form a right hand box star. Ladies next release the star and couples wheel cw halfway so men can reform the star. Finish by swinging the new partner and circle left. Figure is danced three more times. Whole dance is then repeated with ladies forming the initial star. [Glenville Fig. 5; Dalsemer] [Morgantown Fig. 14; Dalsemer]
Gents to the center with a right hand across - - - - now your left and don't get lost - - - - skip your partner and pick up the next - - - - - - - - gents swing out and the ladies swing in - - - - gents go back to the center again - - - - swing all out when you come down, swing that lady round and round - - - - - - - - dance around that corner gal - - - - now your partner you dance round - - - - swing that corner when you come down - - - - swing that new lady round and round - - - - ~ Worley Gardner
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