Figures unique to, or traditionally associated with, squares.
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RIGHT AND LEFT GRAND VARIATIONS - These are more suited to squares than big circles because they take a lot of time to execute, although they are sometimes done in the big circle. All the big circle variations will work with squares.
  1. In a circle partners face each other; gents will travel ccw andladies cw. Partners allemande left 1-1/2 times around and move on to the next with an allemande right, again 1-1/2 times around. Continue alternating right and left hand turns around the circle until they meet partners halfwayaround. [Grand Allemande; Bonner]
    Left allemande with your left hand
    Now back to yur partner and grand allemande.

  2. Same as above, with this finish: When partners meet halfway around, all join hands in a circle andadvance and retire twice. Swing partners and promenade. [Double Right and Left p.16; Rohrbough]
  3. Standard right and left grand except each right handshake ispreceded by a simple do-si-do and each left handshake is preceded by a see-saw. [Grand Sashay;Bonner]
    Grand Sashay around that ring
    Everybody dance, everybody swing.

  4. Standard right and left grand except elbow turnsare substituted for handshakes. All swing corners. Face partner and hook right elbows, turn once and a half.Hook left elbows with next, turn once and a half, etc. When partners meet halfwayaround, promenade. [New Creek Ending 3; Dalsemer] [Lock Chain Swing; Levin]
    Join hands, make a big circle - - - circle left - - - swing your corner - - - meet your partner with a hook elbow, take off, go all the way around - - - swing your partner - - - promenade - - - promenade right off the floor, that's all there is and there ain't no more. ~ John Welch

  5. Same as 4 above except that partners hook rightelbows when they meet and turn once around. The right and left grand is then resumed by taking lefthands with the next person. Dancers continue, gents ccw and ladies cw, until they meetpartners again. [Rights and Lefts; Smith] [Right and Left With an Elbow Swing;Hipps] [Grand Right and Left p. 33; Rohrbough] [Rights and Lefts; Bonner]
    Give your partner your right hand.
    Right and left all the way around.
    Watch your partner and watch her close;
    When you get to your partner, we'll double the dose
    With the elbow swing.
    When you come to your partner,
         swing her high and swing her low,
    Swing her twice and let her go.
    ~ Rohrbough
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