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  Square Dance Funraiser Ends
Goal = $5000 ~ Total = $6280 ~ That's a win for everbody!

FROM THE COMMENTS SECTION:"Our Portland Square Dance community is one of the best ways for families and others to connect. I love them. I support them. What I know about them is that they have a heart for love and peace in our world."

" I will never make it out to this dance, but I fully support this great community effort to bring this wonderful experience to new and experienced dancers, musicians, and callers. I’ve produced and called for many series over the years and know how much goes into something like this."

"Back what you believe in!"

"keep the community square dances alive!!"

"Every Sunday Square dances have made a believer out of me!"

"thanks everyone for a great potmg…keep it going!"

"Good luck with the campaign! Hooray for social dancing!"

"What a terrific thing! Can you open a branch in Lawrence, Kansas?"

"Way to go Portland! Playing this dance last Sunday with Riley, his Dad Johnny, John Herd, Charlie Beck and Simon Leone, plus Charmaine calling was big fun. Peckin’ Out Dough (Catherine Alexander, David Cahn, Tony Mates, Brigid Blume, mystery bassist) will come down and play on Feb 12. Simon’s mother, Caroline Oakley will call the dances. What a great family we all get to be a part of!”

"I had another great time at the gathering. Thanks to all you folks that keep these things going."

"Dear PORTLAND, Thanks for the fantastic party last weekend (POTG)! You never let us down. Really lucky to have a friend like you so close. We’re totally impressed that you are making this happen EVERY week. Can’t wait to come down, see your new place, play some tunes and DANCE!
Much love, SEATTLE”

"Glad to help keep your scene going :) Great POTMG party!"

“As a Seattle-ite, I haven’t yet made it to the Portland square dance. But I know how much I love dancing up here and how important it is to support our musicians and dancing venues. Hope to make it down for your dance sometime.”

"This is a great dance and an even better community! Love PDX Squares :)"

"You go Portland!"

"I wish you much success in your life, and go ahead with your plans."