What's a barndance?  Our dance parties have the same spirit as the happy rural community social gatherings of early America. The caller gathers everyone around, helps them to form up squares, and then quickly teaches them the dance. When all are ready, the band tears into a great old-time fiddle tune and the caller begins to chant the calls, guiding everyone all the way through the dance.
The caller acts as both host and dance teacher, making sure nobody is left behind. Its a fun dance party suitable for novices, children, adults and grandparents. The old-fashioned style square dances that we feature are easy to do, fast-moving and very exciting.
Its a social mixer.  You can't find a better way to ease together and mix the two family groups at a wedding party. We have also hosted many dances for business and professional conferences, and even a few livingroom dances and backyard square dances!
Live music is so exciting!  Boy howdy! The oldtime fiddle and banjo music will have you jumping out of your chair and rarin' to go! Watch the videos below and you'll see what We mean. We work with the best old-school square dance bands in the country!
How do I set up a dance?  The first step is to contact us so we can discuss how it all works and how the dance can fit into your event in the funnest way. We will take care of everything including hiring a band and bringing a sound system. We can chat through email, or you can send us your phone number.
For more information or a chat, send an email to maggiebanjo@gmail.com and please include a daytime phone number. We'll be glad to contact you and talk it over.

And now those videos, showing you just what our dances are like. Enjoy!
 Oregon Art Beat: Bill Martin Square Dance
Not Your Grandparent's Square Dance