"Your dance was simply intoxicating! Wonderful!"

Christy Rheu (Mount Vernon, Oregon)

"I can't remember enjoying myself more. Now I have a concrete idea of what heaven could be like."
Ed Rudolph (San Francisco)
"Many locals claim the dance you did in February was the single most fun thing they ever did in Williams! Your style was a perfect fit for us, because our strength is enthusiasm and energy, not knowing all the square dance moves. Come back soon!"
~ Amber Gayle Evil Twin Publications
"Parents were dancing around with kids in their arms, and there were people of all ages having a great time."
~ Chuck Powers (Portland)
"I need more square dances! I had so much fun at Kennedy school that I need more. You're an inspiration and the best caller ever!!!!!!!"
~ Catherine Magasich (Portland)
"Bill is our long time favorite out here."
~ Keith Harding Mid-Columbia Folklore Society
"That squaredance was a hoot!!!!"
~Rachel Gold Flat Mountain Girls

"We have wanted to go to the Kennedy School square dance for quite awhile and we're glad we did. As expected, it was packed, which is testament to your fine calling and Foghorn's tight playing."
~ Tim Henckle Hands on Portland
"I had a blast dancing to your calling."
~ Maridon Boario (Pres., Alaska Folk Festival
"Thanks for making the Hoedown such a great event. You combined with the Foghorn really made the night. Hope you all had as much fun as we did."
~ Josh Laughlin Cascadia Wildlands Project (Eugene)
"Well, hillbillies, don't say you weren't warned about square dancing. The bash last Saturday at the Swedish American Hall above the Du Nord was a flat out blast. We're talkin' cheeks and stomach muscles hurting kinds of fun. Definitely check your cool credentials at the door. This is like collecting baseball cards: so square it's hip."
~ Hicks with Sticks News (San Francisco)
"Wow, you guys are on fire!"
~ December Carson Siren Music Company (Portland)
"You did a great job at the dance. We all had a wonderful time. You have an amazing ability to work dance magic with over capacity crowds."
~ Jeff Kazor The Crooked Jades (San Francisco)
"Thanks again! you really set a great tone for the event!"
~ Mark Niemann-Ross Free Geek Fair (Portland)
"Saturday was SO much fun! My neice said, 'That was the best birthday party I've ever been to.' Of course, she hasn't been to that many because she's only 5 but I have to agree with her on it. Thanks for being so flexible with our group."
~ Sue Webb (Portland)